Doctor B Academy- Aestheticstanbul Symposium

Aestheticstanbul Symposium will be held between 11-13 October this year as an educational institution that brings together the best educators in the field of plastic surgery, medical practices and related medicine.
In this symposium, where we will share qualified and high quality content with professionals in the sector, our aim is to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills that will help universal development.
In this innovative Plastic Surgery Symposium, where live surgeries are performed on different cases, sessions will also be opened this year in the field of aesthetic medicine, medical treatments and dermatology. Aestheticstanbul which aims to perform different operations in multiple sessions with multiple selected patients, to monitor the live surgeries of the participants and to make the evaluations interactive in the form of questions and answers, is a source of ideas and inspiration for the participants, but gives details about the areas of expertise of plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medical aesthetics the case of didactic value.