Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur

Bülent Cihantimur


Bülent Cihantimur was born in 1970, Kars. He graduated from Istanbul University Çapa Medical School. He’s been Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Attending by specializing in Aesthetics

Plastic Surgery Residency at Uludağ University Medical School. He has founded Estetik International in 1999.

Estetik International Health Group founder Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur has developed 8 techniques. In addition to its techniques, Doctor B, which is particularly prominent in Total Body Shaping, Brazilian Butt Aesthetics, Spider Web Aesthetics, Fat Transfer, approaches aesthetic surgery from an artistic point of view, emphasizing that the body is a whole and that all surgeries should be performed by looking at the totale.

There are eight techniques developed by Cihantimur.

1. Non-operative treatment of Trigger finger
2. Cihantimur Fat Transfer System
3. Prominent Ear Aesthetics by Rope
4. Spider Web Aesthetics
5. Genital Beautification
6. Simple Nose Aesthetics
7. Organic Hair Transplantation
8. Leg Beautification

Dr.Bülent Cihantimur's Innovations:

Liposculpture technique with lipomatic ( 2002),

Sciton Laser of the world's most powerful laser, fractional laser treatment system (2003),

Vagina aesthetics technique with Radio Frequency (2007)

have been brought to Turkey for the first time and used by Doctor B.


The first domestic production on the international TV channel. TLC channel in Turkey "Is this me ?" Program (2019)

Articles and published book

1. AClear CEll Hidradenoma of the index finger  Bülent Cihantimur, Selçuk Akın, Mesut Özcan European Journal of Plastic Surgery (1997) 20:318-319.

2. Comparing Kaltostat with Jelonet in the treatment of split-thickness Skin graft donor sites Bülent Cihantimur, Ramazan Kahveci, Mesut Özcan European Journal of Plastic Surgery (1997) 20:260-263.

3. Percutaneous treatment of trigger finger. Bülent Cihantimur, Selçuk Akın, Mesut Özcan Acta Orthop Scand 1998; 69(2): 167-168

4. Allogeneic substitutes for fingernails. Bülent Cihantimur, Ahmet Karacalar, Mesut Özcan European Journal of Plastic Surgery (1999) 22:1, 44-45

5.Investigation and analysis of 1030 primary hair transplatation cases: a retrospective study Bülent Cihanimur, Aziz Aksöz, Muhammet Hatipoğlu, Burak Ersen European Journal of Plastic Surgery (2018)

6. A new otoplasty procedure: combination of perichondrio-adipo-dermal flap, posterior auricular muscle transpositioning and cartilage suturing to decrease the post-operative complication rates Bülent Cihantimur, Yücel Sarıaltın, Burak Ersen, Mustafa özyurtlu European Journal of Plastic Surgery (2018

7. Alt ve Üst Göz Kapaklarının Nevüsü “Divided Nevus” Selçuk Akın, Oytun İdil, Bülent Cihantimur, Mesut Özcan TPCD ,Cilt: 4, Sayı: 3.1996.
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10. Yaşlanmayı Reddet , Ceres Yayınları, Bülent Cihantimur.

Foreign Language:

advanced level english







Awards :

Golden Bistoury, at Monaco, 3rd World Plastic Surgery Congress

Physician of the Year, En Quality awards

Success Oscars, Turkey and the International Friendship and Peace Oscars award

Honorary Guest, at 13th AMWC- Anti Aging Medicine World Congress organized by the high patronage of Albert II, Prince of Monaco

Fashion TV Best Plastic Surgeon Award

Smile for hope Nigeria Project

Excellence Award, Tatweej Academy

Outstanding Contribution Award, Azerbaijan Art of Beauty Awards