Dr. Gina Moret

Gina Moret


Doctor Moret was born in Brazil and graduated medical university also in Brazil at FESO University in 2008. She is a board certified physician, expert in the advanced use of dermal fillers, botulinum toxin type-A and spiderweb technique, specializing in minimally invasive holistic aesthetic medicine. She is known for her artistic and natural approach to aesthetics. She has pursued her training in aesthehic Medicine with some of the world's experts in the field. Successfully completing many medical education extension programs in France, İtaly, Brasil , Singapore and Turkey. Doctor Moret is a trainer for Yvoire - LG and is the Head Trainer of B Academy, she is also the first and only doctor in South America to be legally accreditated and accepted in Republic of Turkey. Because Dr. Moret is a firm believer in education she has successfully obtained international accreditation as a medical trainer and education supervisor in the United Kingdom.

MD codes Unlocking the codes of advanced clinica cases
AMİ Essencials Applied Anatomy Workshop (cadaver course)
Allergan Medichal aesthetics academy, facial aesthetics programme
Örümcek ağı complete training
Medikal estetik -  Botox, Dermal dolgu, PRP, Mezoterapi, Skleroterapi ,Derma roller,
Dermapen  ,Elektro kozmetik cihazları ve cilt bakımı teorik ve pratik uygulama   
İvoyre - LG- expert injectors training certificate
İvoyre - LG - trainer certificate
Universkin - dermatology
Universkin - cosmetology
Plaxpot - plasma energy treatments in dermatology
İnternational UK trainer and supervisor of medical education
Infinity threads - hands on application course
Monalisa - Medikal Estetik Derneği, katılım belgesi, Yüz mühendisliğine PDO
Acibadem, kalıtım belgesi, Meme Estetiği
Auricular acupuncture
Lancashire Trauma  and clinical emergencies

İnternational meetings and congresses
Roma - SİME - 40th Congress of Aesthetic Medicine
İstanbul - Aestheticsistanbul 2018
Nice - Universkin training
Singapore - Cadaver course
Prague - Allergan meeting