Prof. Dr. Francois Petit

Francois Petit


Dr. François Petit is qualified in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery (Qualification College of Physicians of Paris n°75/1001).
• Former Intern (Hôpitaux de Paris)

• Former Head doctor and Assistant (Hôpitaux de Paris)

• Qualified Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery Specialist 

• Graduate of D.E.S. General surgery

• Graduate of D.E.S.C. plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery 

• Holds a Master of Anatomy

• Graduated in Microsurgery

• Research Graduate in Plastic Surgery at Harvard University (USA) 

• Winner of the National Academy of Medicine award

Dr Petit has been trained in Paris, France, and in the United States.

He specialised in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Parisian hospitals and universities. He then lived and worked in the United States, at Harvard (Boston), where he carried out research on a cutting-edge technique: the allotransplantation of composite tissues.

Scientific work and publications

Dr Petit has presented his work in many conferences and is the author of a number of scientific publications in specialised journals, both French and American. Every year for the last 15 years, he has participated in the scientific work of the French Society of Plastic Surgeons (SoF.C.P.R.E.).

To avoid confusion, Dr Petit accepts membership only of respected professional associations known for the quality of their scientific work and their support of patient well-being.


Doctor François Petit is committed in using the most recent technics in plastic surgery in order to reach the highest level of quality, security and comfort for his patients.

For the past 15 years, Doct. Petit specialized himself in « B-B-C surgery » for Breasts, Buttocks and body Contouring procedures. He operated on more than 500 patients seeking gluteal implants. He developped a safe, fast and efficient technique for buttocks volume augmentation with gluteal implants. This new technique has been presented to more than 30 meetings, including live-surgeries. Dr Petit has been training more than 100 surgeons from all over the world, and keeps welcoming surgeons for « gluteal surgery training days » including live-surgery sessions, cadaveric dissection sessions, and private trainings in Paris.