About Us

We are an educational institution that brings together the ones who want to receive education from the best instructors in the field of plastic surgery, medical applications and medicine which progresses connected to first two fields. Now, we are willing to gather our knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years under the roof of BAcademy and convey them to others.

We bring qualified and high quality education content to the professionals in the field.

The training programs we provide benefit developing the information and skills which will help universal development. Because we believe that education is an essential must and we bring together everyone who has the same opinion with us in our academy.

In addition, adding value to our country to reach a higher level in terms of education and service,as well as economy are among our targets.

As an academy that provides training domestically and abroad to answer all levels of education, we bring together scientific methods of career professionals under the roof of our academy by conducting seminars, lectures, workshops, applied and practical symposiums.

In addition to these, we ensure that more people have Access to equipments of journals and editions by printing them domestically and abroad.

We provide certificate and participation certificates by educational studies and cooperation with other national and international courses and academies